Best Pregnancy Pillow

Why Do You Need Maternity Pillow?

the pregnancy miracle book reviews lisa olson scamMost people don’t realize the fact that pregnancy pillows are important to use during pregnancy for a number of reasons. They help moms to get a good night sleep by helping them to get rid of all the aches and pains inside their body. It’s been observed that pregnant women experience lot of discomfort in neck, shoulders, belly, back, hips, legs, knees and ankles, which stops them from getting a good full night sleep.  The main use of a best pregnancy pillow is to help mothers cope up with all these pregnancy challenges by giving them the comfort which they rightly deserve.

Is It Worth Buying a Maternity Pillow?

There are wide varieties of maternity pillows available in the market from well-reputed manufacturers. In our opinion, a best pregnancy pillow is definitely worth your money since you’re able to extract the perfect comfort and relaxation, which standard pillows are unable to deliver. Those moms who don’t use any pregnancy support pillow usually use a combination 5 to 7 pillows to get the same comfort that a full body pregnancy body pillow can easily deliver.

Before buying a pillow, it’s important to know you needs and its features so that you can make the perfect choice. It will surely require some extra bit of research at your end to choose the best maternity pillow. Our main focus is to compile and put forth all relevant information, which will help to smooth up your decision.

Step to Choose Best Pregnancy Pillow

To choose best maternity pillow, your first step is to determine the type of pillow, which will work best for you! Each body has its own specific requirements based upon the medical conditions you’re suffering from. For example, if you’re having back pain then it’s probably caused due to lack of back support. In such case, it’s best to go for Leachco Back N Belly pregnancy pillow. The size and weight of pillow is also an important factor to consider, if you frequently travel or move around.

The choice is quite easy, if you precisely follow the below mentioned steps.

Determine Your Needs for Pregnancy Support Pillow

Best Pregnancy PillowWhen manufacturing best maternity pillows, companies try to focus on common issues caused during pregnancy such as pain in neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs. Under normal circumstances, these issues can be caused due to any possible reasons uncomfortable sleeping positions, poor diet and posture issues.

Pregnancy support pillow come in various sizes, shapes and materials based on their features and general user requirements. You can select any type of pillow such as body pillow, breast feeding pillow, nursing pillow, etc. according to per your needs. If you’re suffering from back and hip pain, it’s better to go for a full sized body pillow pregnancy that can wrap up your full body. Some of the best pillow for pregnancy come with polyester and cotton as their primary materials. A few number of people are reluctant to go with 100% polyester elements. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t opt for such pregnancy support pillows.

The dimensions are also an important aspect that helps you determine the width, length and height of each pillow. Majority of best maternity pillows come in standard sizes, so you shouldn’t get any problem with them. However, the size of bed can become a problem if you’re going for large sized body pillows. A king sized bed can support big pillow without shifting the other person towards corner of the bed. On the other hand, a medium sized pillow can adjust easily with a queen size bed by leaving enough space on the bed. An ideal pillow is able to wrap up around your body and provides excellent support for back and belly. If you’re able to determine your needs properly, then you can make the best choice like boppy body pillow.

Types of Pregnancy Support Pillow

The Best maternity pillows can be categorized into various types based on their specific shapes, sizes and other characteristics. Within in this website, you can find best reviews for body pillows, breast feeding pillow, crib bedding, nursery pillows and pregnancy pillows. For an easier understanding, we have also categorized maternity pillows based on their shapes mentioned below.

Pregnancy Wedge PillowMy Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

A pregnancy wedge pillow is designed to provide support to your growing belly in order to get full comfort. It’s able to slide perfectly under your bump or back to deliver the support, which is required by it. Unlike full body pillows, they don’t take up much space on your bed. If you’re short on budget or don’t want to spend extra then you can opt for wedge pillow for pregnancy.  My Brest Friend is one of the popular wedge pillows available at Amazon.

C-Shaped Pregnancy PillowSnoogle Chic Jersey Maternity Pillow

The C shaped pillow are custom designed to support your whole body. Its lower end comes in between your legs to provide them assistance, while the middle end goes around your back to help the vertebrae. This relieves pressure from your spine, which usually aches due to the baby weight you hold on the belly. The top end of the pillow can be placed under your head to help your neck and shoulders. There is a wide variety of C Shaped pillows available from different manufacturers. One of the good examples is Snoogle Chic Jersey Pregnancy pillow for C shaped pillows.

U-Shaped Pregnancy PillowLeachco Back N Belly Chic

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow are curved from both sides, which means that you can get main full balance for your body from front as well as back side. A perfect example of u shaped body pillow is “Leachco Back N Belly Chic“. These are perfect for moms, who are habitual of sleeping on their backs. Since, it puts extra pressure on the belly, so doctors recommend using these pillows as it helps you from both sides. In comparison to other maternity pillows, they are relatively large in size and can take extra space on the bed.

Comparison Chart of Top Rated Pillows

Comfort U Body PillowComfort U Total Body Support PillowMoonlight Slumber's U shaped Pregnancy Pillow68 x 15 x 16$97.954.6
Snoogle Pregnancy PillowSnoogle Pregnancy Pillow Leacho's Snoogle Chic Jersey 60% Cotton 40% Polyester22.2 x 21.2 x 7$74.994.5
Leachco Snoogle Total Body PillowLeachco Snoogle Total Body PillowLeachco's Most Popular Pillow 100% Polyester Fill60 x 24.8 x 7.2$47.994.3
Leachco Back N Belly ChicLeachco Back N Belly ChicLeachco's Full Body Pillow Support Moms to lay on either side51 x 33.5 x 8.8$72.25 4.3
Oversized Total Body Pregnancy PillowOversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow Super Soft 400 Thread Count 64 x 19 x 19$58.994.1
Today's Mom Cozy Comfort PregnancyToday’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy PillowDesigned to Provide 100% Support to Whole Body56 x 9 x 32$79.994.1

Budget for Pregnancy Support Pillow

The prices of best maternity pillows range from as low as $10 to over $100. One of the cheap maternity pillow comes from “My Brest Friend”, which can be bought from Amazon in just $9.59. On the other hand, a high quality expensive pillow almost costs $110 with a descent rating. Most of the best rated body pillow fall in between $30 to $90. The prices of these pillows are based upon a number of factors such as brand, material quality, size and other attributes. When choosing any pillow, it’s best to read the customer reviews to establish an opinion about the product. A high quality pillow may cost you a bit extra like $15 to $30 but you would be able to use it even after pregnancy. This will deliver perfect value for your money!

We hope that you found out site useful in order to make the right choice for best pregnancy pillow. Do leave us your feedback, comments and suggestions. If you’ve any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll surely reply you back!